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@muninn Good to read your writings. I'm in Step 3 after around 40 years in step 1 and a few years in step 2. I' learning to tell people what I think and feel. The challenge for me is to be ok with with the others response to my congruence.

Thanks for your sharing @muninn

I'm new here...
I'm a father of a toddler with another on the way. I'm currently retraining as a freelance designer. I value free and software, -operation, and connecting with people that share a desire to bring a more equitable and just world into being.

Saw 10 -20 bumble bees feeding on lavender flowers in light rain this afternoon while getting my daughter off to sleep. There was something blissful about this combination. It eased the challening feelings I been having recently.

Used StreetComplete app today to contributing to OpenStreetMap. Felt really good to contribute to an open source project.

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