I reached out and asked for some help today, and the person came, with their young kid and helped. Feels good to move gradually away from my old self, that could not be vulnerable in relationships.

@Jon_Envisioneer I have been trying to find out about the safety of the covid vaccine. As I am in the U.K, this means the Astrazeneca vaccine. I found this..

In the andoid app. It's has to be enabled in the settings. It's labelled as experimental.

thanks nomagic @contact for the amazing service. I've been learning html/css. Wallabag has been a great help in saving course web pages to read later and annotate (even on my mobile).

@openrightsgroup Would you be able to provide an RSS feed for your blog?

I struggle with getting caught in time consuming sub-tasks of a project. I fear my work being criticised, so I don't notice when my time is 'running away' because this delays the launch. So... my need to feel safe is met.


I've been reading about unschooling and I find the foundations of my ideas about how to parent my toddler shaken. A lot of the focus on routine around early bed-time is a preperation for school and by extension work.

@redoak that sounds like it could be the home of a creative genius.

@redoak thanks for the reminder to limit the number of projects I'm engaged with

@Matt_Noyes @aral ... and people in the health and social care sector have 'service users'. There are moves to replace it with 'people who use our services'

Thankyou, I definitely need an energy boost. Our son was born a month ago, so we have a toddler and a newborn. = mayhem

The essay is really interesting. I've read elsewhere about social media creating bubbles of people that have similar opinions. Emsenn, you you expand on that, which is needed. You've helped me reflect on my own use of computers, since retraining this year, in particular, being drawn to complex ways of doing things.


A mini break from toddler parenting: laying on my back, one eye closed, looking at the reflection in my watch of clouds moving slowly.

I'm new to this and don't have many contacts in the tech industry. Offers of support would be very much appreciated, particularly a conversation so that I can speak to someone more experienced.

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I'm working on my first Wordpress website design and build. I'm using bits of knowledge from a digital media degree I graduated from in 2001 and various courses I've done more recently on WordPress and UX design. My plan is to offer Wordpress design and build to clients including minimal UX design and WP admin training. I'll be attemtping to use as much open source web apps as possible. The awesome people at @contact are making this much easier than I expected.

Yes, I see from some other comments that excalidraw.com are planning on switching away from google to an open source storage server, and have removed google tag manager. Thanks for the link.

And this is available from Framasoft:
collaboration seems to work
It's in French, but so simple to use that's not an issue.


From: degooglisons-internet.org/en/a

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For online collaborative, this has potential, when there is web instance. (self hosted only at the moment)


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There is.. Standard Notes. It's probably not specific enough. But does tick the 'simple' box. The advanced features are behind a paywall.

@switchingsoftware may have a better idea

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