Does anyone know of an open source alternative to FlowMapp ? (a site map and user flow web app)

For online collaborative, this has potential, when there is web instance. (self hosted only at the moment)

And this is available from Framasoft:
collaboration seems to work
It's in French, but so simple to use that's not an issue.


@adar I've been trialling spacedeck for a project, but we ran into various technical issues. Getting sluggish. Not sure if it's due to the hosting or the software though. is very nice though, and open source, however self hosting doesn't support collaboration features, as it's tied into some Google databases... Apparently they are working on that, but didn't see a reply to my question about the status of it yet.

Main instance is usable though.

Yes, I see from some other comments that are planning on switching away from google to an open source storage server, and have removed google tag manager. Thanks for the link.

@adar but maybe the provided server implementation will be a Google firebase one... And still need the community to make an open source storage engine. Let's see!

I feel quite excited about the potential of collaborative whiteboards for online organising.

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