I reached out and asked for some help today, and the person came, with their young kid and helped. Feels good to move gradually away from my old self, that could not be vulnerable in relationships.

thanks nomagic @contact for the amazing service. I've been learning html/css. Wallabag has been a great help in saving course web pages to read later and annotate (even on my mobile).

@openrightsgroup Would you be able to provide an RSS feed for your blog?


I've been reading about unschooling and I find the foundations of my ideas about how to parent my toddler shaken. A lot of the focus on routine around early bed-time is a preperation for school and by extension work.


A mini break from toddler parenting: laying on my back, one eye closed, looking at the reflection in my watch of clouds moving slowly.

I'm new to this and don't have many contacts in the tech industry. Offers of support would be very much appreciated, particularly a conversation so that I can speak to someone more experienced.

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I'm working on my first Wordpress website design and build. I'm using bits of knowledge from a digital media degree I graduated from in 2001 and various courses I've done more recently on WordPress and UX design. My plan is to offer Wordpress design and build to clients including minimal UX design and WP admin training. I'll be attemtping to use as much open source web apps as possible. The awesome people at @contact are making this much easier than I expected.

And this is available from Framasoft:
collaboration seems to work
It's in French, but so simple to use that's not an issue.


From: degooglisons-internet.org/en/a

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For online collaborative, this has potential, when there is web instance. (self hosted only at the moment)


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Does anyone know of an open source alternative to FlowMapp flowmapp.com ? (a site map and user flow web app)

After 7 months working from home and not going out much I'm appreciating the simple things. One of the highlights of the day for me is opening all the doors and windows and enjoying the fresh morning air and birdsong.

Victory: The EU Commission shall look into banning #targetedadvertising, the European Parliament decided today (with a majority of 341:303 votes). And this is why. (Spoiler: reliance on pervasive tracking and profiling of all users)

I'm new here...
I'm a father of a toddler with another on the way. I'm currently retraining as a freelance designer. I value free and software, -operation, and connecting with people that share a desire to bring a more equitable and just world into being.

Saw 10 -20 bumble bees feeding on lavender flowers in light rain this afternoon while getting my daughter off to sleep. There was something blissful about this combination. It eased the challening feelings I been having recently.

Used StreetComplete app today to contributing to OpenStreetMap. Felt really good to contribute to an open source project.



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