To the : Anyone know of some good or reads on , , , digital economy, systems, and so on that are available online? I can't find a bookstore in this city and I want something that's more of a commitment than short articles

@aaron Governing the Commons by Elinor Ostrom! It is about non monetary economics, and I reference back to it every couple of days.

Yaaas I love that book (and def have a ways to go before I actually understand everything in it)

Btw are you the Ostrom evangelist @mattcropp was telling me about last summer?

@aaron @mattcropp Hmm. I don't think I'd read it last summer, but this spring. So no, probably it was probably another evangelist, but I'm happy to join the choir.

@douginamug @aaron @KeithTaylor @mattcropp

get to read ''patterns of commoning''
it has references to elinor oestrom, but makes more research into the culture behind.

Its not quite what you're asking for but you might be interested in:

-The (self proclaimed) magazine for the new economy
- A great podcast on the new economy (and more)
A long read:

Its not a long read, but I enjoyed this article. Its spot on, particularly given what happened with Amazon buying them up.

@aaron I think the best current intro to co-ops is Restakis's _Humanizing the Economy_, available as an ebook.

@aaron not sure if that's what you're looking for but i'm a fan of Ostrom's work on common pool resources (which can arguably be generalized) The classic work is (governing the commons); To get you started: and

@aaron if you've not read them, some of the early texts about the Rochdale Pioneers are interesting/inspiring
Look at the references on that page

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