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Have you collaborated with other co-ops on projects? If so, how?

I'd especially love to hear examples that involve:

1. Cross-core competency (i.e. a design co-op working with a marketing or engineering co-op)
2. Differences between collaborating on a "revenue positive" project (i.e. billing a client) vs a speculative project (i.e. building a new product)

Here's how the 3 person, full time I'm in balanced stability, magnitude and equality of .


1. Set 3 months as our target runway.

2. Made income levels from "barely surviving" to "I can't imagine earning more."

3. Wrote what we would each need/want at each level.

4. Normalized everyone on the maximum per-level answer and multiplied by members.

6. Monthly we distribute at the level that gives us 3 months of runway with a 30% budgeted overhead.

How do you do it?

Jeremy Corbyn suggests 'gig economy' should be replaced by cooperatives

"Corbyn suggested "gig economy" firms like ride-hailing service Uber or food delivery firm Deliveroo could be replaced by co-operatives, in which drivers collectively set pay and conditions and share or reinvest the profits from their work.

He vowed that a Labour Government would promote cooperative groups with the aim of doubling the size of the sector."

Labours subreddits most upvoted post today

I'm trying to figure out how to #mastodon,

Basically I have X accounts, where I join certain instances because their local seems ✨ ✨ ✨.

I intend to follow people on my main account, and use the sub-accounts to browse locals and post.

The instances are:

@zee for nerd/tech stuff.
@Zee for running a coop
@zee for gaming + art + stuff
@zee for reading + crafts + music

With some amount of cross-posting between them (for instance most have a tech overlap)

Been poking at #ios #mastodon clients. While I like #amaroq for being #opensource, I’m leaning more towards #tootdon or #mustor.

Both seem to have decent performance and features, especially the ability to swap between instances easily.

What are y’all using?

#capitalism, #finance 

I run a magazine focused on *women-identified* authors:

We're looking for contributors to our blog! Got something to say about speculative fiction, games, comics, illustration or an interesting idea for a column? we'd love to get to know you.

Reprints are welcome! We'll boost your content.

Have one idea you want to share, but can't commit to a regular column? Reach out!

NOTE: we're not yet a paying market.

Oh, hey, here's some good news - there's a new law in CA that:

1. employers cannot ask prospective employees their prior salary information
2. employers must, upon asking, provide a salary range for the job in question

This is very good for employees, as they now have better information to work with.

I made some homemade mozzarella today! Not my best work but I’m excited to try again!

Really interested to see how the life works out. I'm running a technology/engineering with a couple co-founders and would love to meet more people who have done the same!

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