One of the bootstrapped founders community I'm in () is converting to a !

Super exciting to see the movement growing!

I just updated the payment event handling package my product coop maintains!

Now we expose even more data from Stripe!

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@amsomniac Woooooo!

I swear to god there has gotta be a programmatic way to set dns rules for cloudflare/etc. without needing to pull in ansible.

@amsomniac Oops! Check again? I’ve been fucking up the DNS for a bit :(

Economic Justice Barbarian - A social game that explores using privilege to take daily, small risks and help everyone get what they need.


_Finally_ got around to putting the operating agreement publicly online:

It's not perfect, but it's reasonably fair. We're planning to apply a number of patches throughout 2020; including one which more broadly opens up consumer membership.

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Maybe a month ago I stopped using the default git branch name "master". Now I call it "sprout" and it's so much more delightful to see & use! 🌱

Today, three of us at mob programmed on adding a bit more functionality to .

Now it can handle _even more_ Apple In App Purchase event notifications!

We had been waiting on adding support for these event them until we had real payloads; but eventually decided that it was probably worth adding in the support now since we're beginning to turn it on for production users.

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If anyone is interested, here's a draft of the mechanisms is using to operate as a multi-stakeholder cooperative

We're a worker-only cooperative at the moment ("directors") but I'm hoping to figure out the legal bits aorund contributor and community owners once I have a bit more bandwidth.

If polyam folks call the people they <3 sweeties / cuties, can polycoop folks call the folks they’re working with beepies (BPs for short)?

This is _way_ overdue, but I officially released #Nourish under the #ProsperityLicense.

It's still early-alpha, but I'm hopeful to have a bit more bandwidth for defining features, accepting contributions, and driving features forward now that most of the finance and legal stuff has been ironed out for #ZincCoop.

#WorkLog / #Coop / #opensource

@mayel oops sorry I don’t log on to this instance often. Https:// is the current shitty landing page and is source code

I'm excited to announce that the has released 's source code under the .

The next release of the app will include the license text, as well as bring improved support for modern devices and iOS 13.

believes customers have the right to exercise direct control of software they've purchased; and that sustainable economic models for user-facing software can include broadly permissive licensing.

#business #finance #coop 

Recommend me a CPA/Bookkeeping #Coop that works remote and has diverse leadership?

#bitcoin #finance #crypto #coop 

Just migrated my following list from here to my main, @zee. If I stopped following you it's because I want to see *more* of your toots, since I don't log in here except to post -related stuff.

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