Going live at 6PM PT in with @anaulin. We'll be working on , an Operating System for the Solidarity Economy by .

We're going to continue streamlining the Space Member experience, in particular bringing a higher degree of interactivity when placing, modifying, or re-arranging Furniture by better integrating .

Hop on in and chat , , and with us!

We did quite a bit today!

- Editing a Room is now all in-page; so you can add and configure Markdown, Spotlight Images, and other Furniture without leaving the page:
- Fixed a bug in the EmbeddedForm furniture which didn't play nicely with all Airtable Form Embed URLS:
- Rooms order their Furniture by the given Rank:

We also made some very tiny, dev-facing changes:

- Merged an Adversarial Test for Onboarding Space Members:
- Tidied a deprecation warning:

@Zee @anaulin ooh I had been struggling with getting this going in my own app, looking forward to joining - will be quiet because still finishing up some work of my own, though!

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