OK! Here's the job post! transparentclassroom.com/devel

- Ruby (Rails) + JavaScript (React) mostly
- 16~32 hours per week, your discretion.
- $66.10~$96.14/hr (With a cap of $120k/yr; so 24 hours/wk at top-end)
- Building software that's used in classrooms around the world to nurture self-actualization from an early age.

It's a ~10 person collectively-managed team that is carefully, intentionally, and deliberately moving towards being a worker .


@Zee this is the most compelling job ad I've ever seen.

That's a much smaller company than I'm used to; is it... "profitable" is probably the wrong word for this sort of thing, but in a place where it's financially sustainable long term?


@emily it regularly pays out bonuses to the employees due to the net revenues for the year being significant enough to be worth distributing rather than saving.

@Zee that answers that, then. I am extremely tempted.

@emily see caveat follow up. We do only grow from profits, and because we’re a collectively managed workplace it’s a lot easier to navigate uncertainty without forcing anyone to sacrifice their socioeconomic safety.

@Zee Noted.

I'd be willing to hear more about that last bit, if you've got the time or links. I'm familiar with the concept of co-ops, but have not worked at one, nor heard that particular benefit explicitly stated before.

@emily sure! So, like many of the people who work there are in high demand skills, and working part time already. We have an explicit policy that if wages have to go down or stay below inflation reductions come from the folks making the most and with the highest optionality before impacting lowest paid workers.

@emily our minimum hourly compensation is pegged to the MIT living wage calculators entry for King County, WA for a single parent raising a single child; multiplied by 1.25.

We also allow people to set their own compensation, so long as A) it does not push our compensation budget last the Finance Circles “safe to spend” on wages number and B) does not exceed 2x our minimum wage and C) they have sought the advice of their peers, through our compensation self review process.

@emily that said? Bezos had been funding a “Montessori style” private school system. It’s entirely possible they will attempt to enter our market and squish us out of existence by throwing money at the market.

We aren’t scared, but we do have our eyes on that (and other) high impact risks.

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