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I'm Zee, I've been working in since 2017, when I quit working in and launched with three colleagues.

In 2019 I launched , a Contributor and Maintainer owned . We acquired , and released it to the public domain; and are building , a federation-forward operating system for the Digital Solidarity Economy.

Follow my personal life at

EU poised to break Apple's monopoly on browser engines allowed on iOS

You ever wonder why every Web-first app eventually caves and builds an iOS app (cough cough Mastodon cough)? It's because Apple abuses its power in order to keep the latest features out of web browsers on iOS and force users into their app store instead whey they can take their cut of sales.

I wanna replace “Financially Independent, Retire Early” with “Functionally Interdependent, Retire Everyone”

Really excited about this Madrid based, open source, SVG alternative to Figma for #ux #design
Consider boosting?

Just merged support into ! Folks who are running their personal or group "digital garden" on 's infrastructure can now embed livestreams running on software!

We don't (yet) offer hosting, but if someone wanted to take a stab at it, we have a setup for the shared VM here:

It looks like something like would be useful for DNS + Container management (

Great to see this on Hacker News!

And no, law firms are not co-ops.

List of Worker-Owned Tech Cooperatives Worldwide -

Lol I'm playing against my first real human in forever and I am losing (Badly, 13+ points) but they won't let me resign. Rude.

"Groups that operate under the guise of inclusion are serving the greater goal of crypto that keeps the whole thing afloat: finding ever more fools to buy in so that the early investors can take their profits."

"Predatory community"

us government software 

a thing I think folks outside of government may not be aware of is that it's not a given that the federal government can develop technology services that can be provided, for fee or for free, to non-federal agencies (eg gov in states, tribes, territories, local).

why? good question! it's because the US loves private industry, and has written into its guidance that the US federal government should not offer services the private sector could.

links in next post -

Talked to a local reporter for an article about a month ago about in , and I was not expecting the final product to be as in-depth as it turned out to be:

We know volunteering to help an open source project can feel overwhelming, even when you're interested. Well here's one for those with a web UX and layout skillset:

Owncast is going through a redesign and could use your help with opinions and feedback. We'd like a person or two to act as consultants in our chat to answer questions, you don't need to actively produce or _do_ anything. We need someone to ask: "Should this be blue? Is this ugly?" Could that be you?

DM or

Re-boosting your own posts for 'the morning crew' or 'the night crew' is an acceptable and encouraged practice here. We are largely a community of supportive people who enjoy being given the opportunity to help each other and boost content we may have previously missed.

You should never feel ashamed of promoting yourself, especially as an artist, when it's so difficult to reach people. If anyone doesn't want to see your boosts, they can just scroll past.

#WormsOfAffirmation 🐛

thinking of a search engine that heavily de-ranks sites that have annoying popups, ads, and heavy JavaScript

My personal theory of change for a peaceful economic revolution is summarized as “weave a network of profit seeking organizations that distribute a living wage as widely as possible for 16~32 hours a week to people who are willing to set aside maximizing personal benefit for sustainable collective benefit.

This frees them up to spend more of their time working the unprofitable problems from a position of economic security rather than scarcity.”

I kinda love it when a post has an equal number of faves and boosts. I like to imagine that everyone who saw it not only liked it but did so enough to want to share it, and those others did the same.

PR adding support to is ready for review!

Once a different maintainer takes a gander at it, folks with a Space will be able to embed live streams from their OwnCast!

At some point I'll also make it one-click to set up Owncast on our cooperatively owned infrastructure.

Is there a *short* set of descriptions of economic systems that is zine or explainer comic style.

Differentiate, capitalism, communism, mutualism, socialism, municipalism, etc. regarding their core beliefs on how economic costs and benefits flow through them?

Capitalism: "The preservation and accumulation of capital at the direction of the legal asset holders"

Communism: "state ownership and direction of economic assets and throughput"

Mutualism: ???

Municipalism: ???

Our 's Sunday ensembles work on "Member Onboarding" for Spaces.

In particular, we:

- Eliminated a race condition in our feature tests (
- Restructured Invitations so that Membership is granted *after* an the Invitee confirms ownership of the invited email address. (

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