I'm excited to announce that the has released 's source code under the .

The next release of the app will include the license text, as well as bring improved support for modern devices and iOS 13.

believes customers have the right to exercise direct control of software they've purchased; and that sustainable economic models for user-facing software can include broadly permissive licensing.

SaaS you can’t host yourself is unethical.

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Recommend me a CPA/Bookkeeping #Coop that works remote and has diverse leadership?

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Just migrated my following list from here to my main, @zee. If I stopped following you it's because I want to see *more* of your toots, since I don't log in here except to post -related stuff.

just paid an artist and a bunch of authors. always feels really good.

if you're interested in helping me to keep doing this, the lit journal i run has a patreon and we'd love more support! our ultimate goal is paying pro rates to our all involved.

in brief: Luna Station Quarterly is a speculative fiction magazine featuring stories by emerging women-identified authors. we're now in our 8th year!


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*whispers softly* the reason that mice have taken precedence over the keyboard isn't because designers don't know what they're doing but because muscle-memory works to your disadvantage when the app you're writing is changing aspects of its design every other month, like any modern web app

Hallo buddies!

An online community I belong to is centered around solo/micro-entrepenuers. While we're not a formal cooperative, we frequently swap leads, bring one another on for consulting gigs, etc.

We've been talking a bit about how we could make a product together. Do you have any thoughts/links to resources on:

1. Tracking time and attention directed at the product in an equitable way?
2. Distributing income based upon that time/attention investment?

Thanks <3 <3 <3

Have you collaborated with other co-ops on projects? If so, how?

I'd especially love to hear examples that involve:

1. Cross-core competency (i.e. a design co-op working with a marketing or engineering co-op)
2. Differences between collaborating on a "revenue positive" project (i.e. billing a client) vs a speculative project (i.e. building a new product)

Here's how the 3 person, full time I'm in balanced stability, magnitude and equality of .


1. Set 3 months as our target runway.

2. Made income levels from "barely surviving" to "I can't imagine earning more."

3. Wrote what we would each need/want at each level.

4. Normalized everyone on the maximum per-level answer and multiplied by members.

6. Monthly we distribute at the level that gives us 3 months of runway with a 30% budgeted overhead.

How do you do it?

Jeremy Corbyn suggests 'gig economy' should be replaced by cooperatives

"Corbyn suggested "gig economy" firms like ride-hailing service Uber or food delivery firm Deliveroo could be replaced by co-operatives, in which drivers collectively set pay and conditions and share or reinvest the profits from their work.

He vowed that a Labour Government would promote cooperative groups with the aim of doubling the size of the sector."


Labours subreddits most upvoted post today

I'm trying to figure out how to #mastodon,

Basically I have X accounts, where I join certain instances because their local seems ✨ ✨ ✨.

I intend to follow people on my main account, and use the sub-accounts to browse locals and post.

The instances are:

@zee for nerd/tech stuff.
@Zee for running a coop
@zee for gaming + art + stuff
@zee for reading + crafts + music

With some amount of cross-posting between them (for instance most have a tech overlap)

Been poking at #ios #mastodon clients. While I like #amaroq for being #opensource, I’m leaning more towards #tootdon or #mustor.

Both seem to have decent performance and features, especially the ability to swap between instances easily.

What are y’all using?

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I run a magazine focused on *women-identified* authors: lunastationquarterly.com/.

We're looking for contributors to our blog! Got something to say about speculative fiction, games, comics, illustration or an interesting idea for a column? we'd love to get to know you.

Reprints are welcome! We'll boost your content.

Have one idea you want to share, but can't commit to a regular column? Reach out!


NOTE: we're not yet a paying market.

Oh, hey, here's some good news - there's a new law in CA that:

1. employers cannot ask prospective employees their prior salary information
2. employers must, upon asking, provide a salary range for the job in question


This is very good for employees, as they now have better information to work with.

I made some homemade mozzarella today! Not my best work but I’m excited to try again!

Really interested to see how the life works out. I'm running a technology/engineering with a couple co-founders and would love to meet more people who have done the same!


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