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I'm Zee, I've been working in since 2017, when I quit working in and launched with three colleagues.

In 2019 I launched , a Contributor and Maintainer owned . We acquired , and released it to the public domain; and are building , a federation-forward operating system for the Digital Solidarity Economy.

Follow my personal life at

You can learn social and activist theory from whomever and however. You don't need to have literally read Marx to be critical of capitalism.

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No one absolutely needs to read incomprehensible writings by dead white dudes but praxis and theory are intertwined. You can't do without understanding the framework of what you're doing.

We also made some very tiny, dev-facing changes:

- Merged an Adversarial Test for Onboarding Space Members:
- Tidied a deprecation warning:

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We did quite a bit today!

- Editing a Room is now all in-page; so you can add and configure Markdown, Spotlight Images, and other Furniture without leaving the page:
- Fixed a bug in the EmbeddedForm furniture which didn't play nicely with all Airtable Form Embed URLS:
- Rooms order their Furniture by the given Rank:

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Going live at 6PM PT in with @anaulin. We'll be working on , an Operating System for the Solidarity Economy by .

We're going to continue streamlining the Space Member experience, in particular bringing a higher degree of interactivity when placing, modifying, or re-arranging Furniture by better integrating .

Hop on in and chat , , and with us!

Monthly Member Meeting went well, we're getting ready to do our quarterly community update in July!

What would you like to hear about?

Mel Conway, author of Conway's Law, put together a nice thread that I think is a strong argument for and

> "Every so often there will be a burst of Twitter conversations on the “Reverse Conway Manoeuver” and related topics.
I find this encouraging, but not for a reason you might suspect.


Of course we don’t have the foggiest idea how to go about doing this. (Or how to obtain support to do it.)"

Two PRs today!

The first one follows up on the work @anaulin and I started to make the editing room feel a little bit smoother:

The next bit turns that to 11, but adding in , so that we ca use to append the newly added furniture to the page without a full reload:

That ones a little bit rougher, since I'm not fluent in yet :X.

But I'll get there!

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Going live hacking on , an Operating System for the Solidarity Economy!

Unfortunately, @anaulin is out today, but I'm going to carry forward the redesign we started last week!

In we replace with .

This is harder, more nebulous, and requires a different set of skills than standard technology organization sales and marketing techniques, however.

"While Maslow saw self-actualization as something to earn, the Blackfoot see it as innate. Relating to people as inherently wise involves trusting them and granting them space to express who they are (...) rather than making them the best they can be. For many First Nations, therefore, self-actualization is not achieved; it is drawn out of an inherently sacred being who is imbued with a spark of divinity."

The Reconciliation of Labor occurs as we recognize and step into the powers we hold as workers:

- The power to advocate for ourselves.
- The power to create benefits for ourselves and others.
- The power to share in the wealth created in proportion to our contributions.

Each of these powers build upon one another like waves, cascading towards a cycle of socioeconomic healing.

As part of our Bi-Weekly each-one-teach-one programs, where works with entry/mid-level engineers to develop their computational thinking skills, we made some progress wrapping up the workflow for inviting someone to a Space:

In particular, we:
- Automated a check for authenticated users responding to invitations.
- Automated some adversarial checks to prevent folks who were not invited from responding to invitations.

Fedi, I need your advice:
Is there a nice (a.k.a. using speech recognition, preferably FLOSS) way to transcribe audio files to text?


HTML isn’t just a container to dump your uniquely identified UI elements. HTML
is an api construction kit, and the current popular style of API construction is one where the only compatible client is a single css file and a single javascript file, with no thought to compatibility with other clients. I wish web authors would ease the hell up on highly specific class names and micromanaging of element properties. css files are meant to be ~300 lines long (at most) not 30,000

We made some pretty exciting improvements to the Room edit flow.

Now, instead of drilling in through Edit Space -> Rooms -> Edit Room

Space Members can tap the Gear icon, which turns on edit mode, and places ⚙️and 🗑 icons on each piece of Furniture.

When the ⚙️ is tapped, it lets them configure the Furniture right there without ever navigating away from the page!

With ActionCable + TurboLinks, we should be able to push those changes live to people in the same Room.

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Gonna start an Ensemble on with @anaulin at ~6PM PT!

Convene is an Operating System for the Solidarity Economy built by .

and / networks host a Neighborhood of Spaces for their . Each Space can be tailored to the particular organizations value flow.

Watch / Listen / Chat Heckle here:

Or, if you wanna hack with us, DM me for the secret zoom link!

Lovely time with the ! Sad that Ajoke is leaving us, but I'm hopeful we'll be able to keep ourselves together!

Anarcho-capitalism is just capitalism lmao.

I forgot to push my extension, `factory_bot-namespaced_factories` to Rubygems; but it's out there now!

Domain driven design is hard enough without tooling to support it!

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