A @vivaldibrowser survey shows search engine privacy & neutrality are very important to over 80% of users.

Our search is always private with no filter bubble, + Vivaldi is using our Tracker Radar to further protect your privacy: spreadprivacy.com/duckduckgo-t

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

The only thing I'd challenge Naomi on is her tendency to reduce "technology" to the corporate datafarms. Investing in free code tech, based on open standards, is also an investment in humans and the public interest.

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@Matt_Noyes Aim to have production service ready for Jan 2021.

So we need your support now to contract the most powerful server that we can get for June 1st!

See wiki.meet.coop

@Matt_Noyes We're currently pooling resources to get a first BBB server ready on June 1st. Our idea is that Meet.coop members have priority and maybe more session recording capaciry but everyone will be able to register a free account with a basic personal conference room.

From June till September we pool more resources for the next phase and have nodes in various continents.

Would it make sense for Social.Coop to join The Online Meeting Co-operative?


@Jclua yes! Mateix dia 4 anys després. Cuida't company.

Several coops united to build Meet.coop, The Online Meeting Cooperative, a shared platform based on BigBlueButton.

Read why femProcomuns became a member:


Ara m'he adonat que el que Friendica interpreta per "peers" no és el mateix que el que interpreten Mastodon o Pleroma.
Per Friendica un "peer" pot ser un servidor però també un usuari. Per exemple son peers tant "mastodont.cat" com "mastodont.cat/spla".
El fedivers necessita una API estàndard.

If we let police use drone surveillance with face recognition as a public health measure--we’ll likely see them flying over protests next year. eff.org/deeplinks/2020/05/usin

In these times there's renewed interest in videoconf services. A solid and practical solution based on BigBlueButton is now being set up by Meet.coop

Members can run their workshops and meetings on a shared platform, initiated by Collective.tools, femProcomuns and Webarchitects. See you at Meet.coop!

Jitsi, Mumble, OBS, ... Las herramientas de comunicación de la Free Software Foundation (y las claves del éxito de LibrePlanet) en tiempos de COVID-19.


"The snapd component is written primarily in C and Golang whereas the Snapcraft framework is built using Python. Although both the modules use the GPLv3 license it is to be noted that snapd has proprietary code from Canonical for its server-side operations with just the client side being published under the GPL license."

Their UbuntuOne cloud storage service failed because of this refusal to liberate server-side source. Canonical just don't learn.

#Canonical #UbuntuOne #Snap #Snapcraft

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Fins a finals de juliol, l’editorial Springer Nature ofereix prop de 500 llibres sense el seu habitual mur de pagament.

Els estudis acadèmics afirmen que l’abast d’una font #OpenAccess gaudeix d’un 47% més de probabilitats d’aparèixer citada a la @viquipedia.

From Zoom to "proximity tracing" to privacy-invasive test proctoring tools, the COVID-19 crisis has spurred the use of dozens of new apps and technologies. Join us on Wednesday to learn how these tools might endanger privacy and digital rights: eff.org/event/home-eff-covid-1

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