Going to try streaming for GEO today, for the first time. Hoping, but not expecting, it will go smoothly. We'll be starting around 12 pm eastern. Wish us luck.

@Matt_Noyes Forget it. I don't have the bandwidth, apparently, to steam 😭

Wonder if PeerTube can stream and what the requirements are?
What about just doing it on Meet.coop, shorter? How many people do we really expect to watch?

@Matt_Noyes I don't think it's a YT thing, it's a crappy rural internet connection thing.


@Wtebbens seems to have streamed meet.coop over vimeo. Wonder if he has any thoughts?

Also, if your bandwidth is the issue, why not have the session hosted by a GEO member with a better connection?

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist with meet.coop we have starter tot deploy streaming servers on demand, that allow hosts to live stream a conf room over tge RTMPS protocol to platforms like Vimeo, YouTube, Twitch, and also recently to PeerTube


@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist We have set this up for three members so far: 1) City of Amsterdam, with their Cities for Change conf programme this spring. See here a video tutorial for session hosts their case, incl streaming: citiesforchange.org/pages/sess

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist 2) The Photography Gallery held their Screenwalks sessions on meet.coop with streaming to YouTube. They were very happy with the results. screenwalks.com See their 30 June session here: youtu.be/Go-N_0AA8lk

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