After two years I'm back at, Twitter cannot be bought and Mastodon is better that GNU/Social, besides the Quitter service I used isn't anymore.


It's time to take the more seriously. We live in a time of massive centralised platforms in the hands of a few, BigTech, the FrightFul Five, , they preach the end of privacy and are thus working towards a more and more totalitarian regime. Add to that BioTech and and we get the scary future Yuval Harari speaks about in his books.

@Wtebbens where are you, geographically?

I'm in western MA.

I don't think decentralized *by itself* is the answer. We need to link the fediverse to counterparts in material/analog grounded locales.

@temporality I'm in Europe, between Amsterdam and Barcelona. Agreed that we need to collectively maintain the material network, but also the material needs of the people behind it.

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