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Idea for somebody else to implement, if they haven't implemented it already:

Peertube instance that (in addition to uploading files) lets you paste a Youtube link, that instance downloads the specified video from Youtube, and makes it available on the Peertube network.

This could go a long way towards preserving a lot of worthy user-generated content that Youtube is holding hostage.

A coalition of street medics, mad scientists, and people tired of getting pepper sprayed have worked together for over a year to develop a more effective solution for treatment of OC spray contamination and injury.

:acab: :acab:

Hello all at, I'd like to ask if it would be possible to extend to other languages.

After living in the Oxford area for 3yrs, unfortunately I had to return to the Netherlands and now trying (to make the best of it and) to set up a Dutch language instance, e.g. I'm not sure how to do this, but maybe something with a proxy or DNS?

For the dutch speaking there is a interesting docu about the coop trend:

Please give me recommendations!

I'm opening a new site, which is a combo of both thematic and chronological static pages. WordPress is the obvious choice to do this, but I'm always eager to try something new. So what's the hip cms nowadays?

Points to note:
- I am a humanist, not a computerist. I can write markdown in plaintext editor, but I don't want extensive tinkering with code.
- Support for multilingual content out of the box is a big plus.
- I don't care much about bells & whistles.

Has anyone yet witnessed a real-life drinking establishment with the name ActivityPub?

We will know AI has arrived when an autonomous drone refuses to fly because it is afraid of heights...

Think to yourself right now:
"I'm going to dedicate my entire life to successfully making a time machine!"

And if a future you doesn't instantly appear & pat you on the back, it means you might as well give up now.

"Lately, a wave of yellow bikes from China has been crashing over the cities of this planet, bringing shitty steel constructions into every corner of the world. But what do these bikes do? Are they here to improve the mobility of urban populations or to track their every move? Will they be used for a long time and regularly repaired, or will they be thrown away once they start crumbling? Do we actually need privatized bike-sharing in our cities?

As reports are starting to pile up, that oBike – one of these bike-sharing startups – is shutting down (and taking millions in deposits paid by their users with them), it is important to think about a new way to use these bikes.

LibreBike is here exactly for this reason – to change the whole thinking behind bike-sharing. What if you wouldn't have to pay for the bikes? What if bikes where simply public goods, to be used by everyone? Turns out, in just five easy steps, every oBike can be made into a LibreBike – a bike for everyone!" #obike #recycling #whitebikeplan

You can't believe how many weeks I waited to get that exact number there...

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