Hello all my followers, old and new!

This is just to remid you that I'm not very active on this account any more. If you really want to follow me actively, I suggest you follow me over at @Stoori

@superruserr The things have changed since I made the original toot. Now there is such an instance at polyglot.city and I'm there at @Stoori .

Right now I'm actively learning Dutch, Spanish, Arabic and Dutch Sign Language.

Are you learning any languages at the moment?

@joamo Ah, emergent languages, yes!

There are plenty of them in the world. They're called either pidgin (1st generation speakers) or creole (2nd and later generation) languages.

Something like that could in theory turn out. But in practice a pidgin is born when the speakers do not understand each others' languages — whereas broad-minded global nomads usually know a few languages already, effectively pre-empting the possibility of a pidgin to emerge.

But an interesting thought still.

@joamo aaaanyway the polyglot instance mentioned in the first toot is now live at polyglot.city, and you may consider following me there at @Stoori

@joamo Constructed languages are a thing, of course. Unfortunately, it feels like there are more conlangs than natural languages in the world nowadays.

None of them have an absolute edge over others, so none of them will succeed as being ”the one” language to unite the world.

Anyway using several natural languages doesn't have to be bunched with nationalism or national identities.

@citrustwee@mastodon.social why american trains tho

Just four days ago I pulled this data about Mastodon instance user counts.

Since then the user count of a typical instance has grown about 10%.

Ten percent more people here. In just four days.

We'll see if this wave flattens soon, or if this is just the beginning.

But no wonder it's felt quite wild here this week.

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@h ”a bit” perhaps, but I can't get rid of the mental image of a deformed twitter logo. :D

I'm @ing all those who were interested: see the link to the polyglot instance in above toot.

@irina @feonixrift @verity @maloki @gretchenmcc @hillbillyoracle

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Public registrations are open *for now*. We'll see what happens and if the registrations should be limited at some point.

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New instance opened: polyglot.city

Polyglot City is the right instance for you, if you're interested in languages, language learning and translating, or if you are multilingual or polyglot. All languages are allowed to flourish on our timelines. Welcome!

New here.

I guess there are some public and curated lists of generally banned domains (nazi & such).

Where could I find those? It would kickstart my moderation considerably.

The Finnish Left Party (Vasemmistoliitto) just announced their new logo. My first reaction was ”twitter for commies”.

Which is, like, Mastodon?


@softerhardleft That surely is a wholesome list. Welcome, I hope your experience is at least as nice as mine has been for 1.5 years already. 🤗

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