The Finnish Left Party (Vasemmistoliitto) just announced their new logo. My first reaction was ”twitter for commies”.

Which is, like, Mastodon?

Worried about the dominance of big instances? No, really, this is quite natural.

As an emergent and self-governing system, it could be expected that the size distribution of instances roughly follows Zipf's law.

Does it?

At first you see the top 6 instances, and then the rest. But on a log-log scale the size distribution is close to a straight line, which would be expected from an emergent system.


twatter screencap 


"A solar collector in Karakum desert", Turkmen SSR, 1970s. Photo by Igor Konstantinov.

(via @sovietvisuals@twitter)

Ding dong, is dead. But life goes on. Thank you for the year of amazing Mastodon shitposting.

In Sep 2007 my friend invited me to a new social media platform. It was fun to play with, but I never got the hold of it. As years passed, I grew to hate it, but felt forced to use it to keep contact with others.

In Sep 2016 I decided to quit it, but keep my account for the moment, because during those 9 years the service had got its tentacles everywhere and I wanted no extra bump on the road.

In Oct 2017 I still had the account I hadn't used for a year. Not any more.

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