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Taru Luojola @Stoori

Is there an easy way to see the list of instances a particular instance (that you're logged into) federates with?

@Stoori Not from a user point-of-view, only admins have this feature, but I think it's a good suggestion to make it publicly visible @Gargron

@mareklach @Gargron Yeah, I'd really like it. That way I could compare the list with a list of all instances (on instances.social) and see if my preferred instance is missing a link to an interesting instance.

And after that I could try to find users to follow from those missing instances, so that my federated timeline would have more interesting content.

@Stoori Good point, good idea. I think we will have this in time... @Gargron

@Stoori And I almost forgot to mention @aldersprig (That's an inexcusable omission :)!

Also, these micro stories @MicroSFF are pretty fun