@BeechMtn This is such a great feel, when you hang out on Mastodon, your mind is constantly finding new ways to get away from the beasts, and it feels so LIBERATING!

But anyway, what Google services you're using most?

- For web search, try DuckDuckGo
- For Docs/Sheets, try to find an EtherPad/EtherCalc instance (I use FramaSoft's services, but there may be French only instructions, be warned)
- For Drive, install your own NextCloud

Maybe that's a good start :)

@BeechMtn And of course, to replace YouTube there's . It's also federated and federates nicely with Mastodon.

I divorced #Google and became #Googlefree when I started using #ownCloud, and now, !Nextcloud for the calendar. I'm also using it as a webDAV drive, and #Nextcloud can also do collaborative editing of documents. @beechmtn @stoori @mayel
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