The greatest challenge for Mastodon now that it’s getting mainstream attention is to figure out how to resist “embrace and privatise”.

Tomorrow Google announces Gastodon. What do you do to stop it becoming Gmail?


1. Push for instances of one

2. In order to make instances of one viable, simplify the complexity of the app itself: the lighter it is, the less dependencies, the easier it is to host. Installation should be no more difficult than sudo apt install mastodon

CC @Gargron


@aral @Gargron So far I haven't been interested in opening ”my own instance of one”, because then I would have to do the real hard work, i.e. follow a few thousand people just to get the federated timeline full of content.

I really like the ”passive following” nature of the federated timeline. If there was an option to follow full local timelines of other instances (or something similar) instead of just individual people, then the instance of one could be a more viable alternative.

@Stoori @Gargron @aral There are several fixes in the works to address that. Starting by importing a follower list from elsewhere, @kensanata 's #trunk, and some stuff @Gargron is cooking up.

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