poll for worker co-op people 

@GuerillaOntologist The people has spoken.

poll for worker co-op people 

@GuerillaOntologist @ntnsndr That's some scientific rigor.

Well, it's another day of spending hours working on a proposal and gearing up to defend it at the staff meeting, only to run out of time in the meeting and never discuss it.

@mike_hales @Wtebbens @oli @Matt_Noyes @jamiem In the conference now. Sounds very cool, apart from saying "translate" when they mean "interpret."

At every family gathering, I pray that nobody asks me what I'm currently working on.

If I ignore the question everyone will think I'm weird, if I answer it everyone will know I'm weird.

@mike_hales @Matt_Noyes @oli @Wtebbens I signed up. The first thing I'll let them know is that translation is written, interpretation is spoken.

Is there a place I can see a demo of BBB?

@Matt_Noyes @mike_hales @oli @Wtebbens Interesting. This shows promise. I'll look it over again tomorrow, after coffee.

@Matt_Noyes @mike_hales @oli @Wtebbens Interpretation, not translation. As interpreters, we work a lot of jobs on Zoom, and it would be great to see a cooperative platform catch up and even pull ahead of its features.

@mike_hales @Matt_Noyes @oli Hi! I'm wondering if meet.coop is planning offer interpretation features like Zoom has.

I'd love to chat with someone from meet.coop, if they're on here...

Reading Stocksy's bylaws. There's some good stuff, and several red flags.

@neil @msavoritias The issue I have is that this assumes that co-ops always contribute to the commons, and other business models never do. This is an overgeneralization.

If brevity is the soul of wit, then thank you very much, you've been a great audience.

@ntnsndr I'll try to think of something along those lines. A non-financial perk would be nice, but I'm not coming up with any examples. Maybe set the bar for membership at a point where the prospective member has already demonstrated their financial value to the co-op, like doing $5000 worth of work in 12 months. Then the current members wouldn't need an incentive.

Stocksy making membership difficult or impossible is really bothering me. It violates the first word of the first co-op principle.

@Matt_Noyes This is a useful reminder, as I'm thinking a lot about scaling up these days.

The parallel with Stocksy is that like their photographers, our interpreters are unlikely to ever make a living working exclusively for our co-op, but we still want them to make enough they prioritize us over other revenue sources.

@ntnsndr I don't need much convincing, because providing a variety of languages is emerging as a competitive advantage for us. But it's hard to say how that benefits any particular interpreter.

@ntnsndr Hmm. That doesn't seem very cool.

I'm examining their structure as a possible model for my co-op, if it were to scale up to a platform co-op. I've talked to Trebor and to Ana Aguirre, and they both encouraged me to take the course in the fall.

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