Hey folks (signal boost appreciated): I'm working on a series of urban fantasy novels that will prominently feature solidarity economics (first one due to the publisher in September). Does anyone know of any co-ops open to giving access to their day to day operations for the sake of accurate storytelling? I really want to get the democratic practices and the mundane everyday stuff absolutely right. I think it is very important.

to give more context: I'm especially interested in any cooperative movie theaters (do any exist?), pubs, and printing presses, but I'm open to anything really. Also housing co-ops, intentional communities, and income sharing groups.

@cadwellsocialcoop Keep me in the loop on printers. A group of us are working on co-op-oriented non-fiction, so co-op-oriented fiction would be a natural fit. A capacity for doing very short runs would be helpful. I'll look into a local print shop that's not a co-op, but is proudly union.

How far along are you with your project? I've been testing the waters along with a few others on a co-op fiction anthology. Early stages. But during my book research I got connected to Radix Media, which does great work as a printing press and indie publisher.

@cadwellsocialcoop It's not really a project yet, it's just a nice idea. The Radix Media is a really interesting angle. I read over their website, and I'm about to do so again.


@cadwellsocialcoop @Matt_Noyes Assorted thoughts on publishing cooperatively... Probably the biggest reasons to do would be cross-publicizing, pooled resources (like printers), and shared administration. We'd have to have a discussion about licences. We'd also have to have a discussion about how to run a geographically distributed co-op. Would this work best as a platform co-op? What's the overarching theme, and what are the criteria for membership?

@Steve @cadwellsocialcoop

Another question is what about existing publishers - how would this relate to their efforts? Would it make sense to have a co-op or solidarity economy imprint or series (Social.Coop?) in partnership with an existing publisher (AK Press or such), and/or existing organization (GEO, REAS...)?

@Matt_Noyes @cadwellsocialcoop @GuerillaOntologist Being an imprint of, let's say, GEO, would save us the step of incorporating. I'm in favor if GEO is. My current translations are already a collaboration with them, if a rather informal one. But there would still be a range of questions to answer. If there's interest, we can look at them.

@Steve @Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist

this sounds really exciting! For me, too, since I've been thinking of forming a fiction cooperative for a while now. Incorporating is also an issue on my end (limited knowledge) and linking up with an existing org seems smart. The problem is that GEO is non-profit and I'm unsure how for-profit books would fit into their current structure. Again, limited knowledge here.

@Steve @Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist

I've been trying to get a group of people together to do larger projects too (shorts, podcasts, films, series, shared-world fic, anthologies, etc.) and if I could find a way to fit that into GEO and projects like yours, I think it would be a great opportunity to share resources across projects, organize projects in parallel, etc. I've actually written about this on GEO: geo.coop/story/models-our-medi

@Steve @Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist

Lots to think about. Structure would be a question to answer on top of legal logistics and interested parties. But it seems smart to form associations or platforms around these projects so they have a better chance overall of survival

@cadwellsocialcoop @Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist Definitely agreed. Let's concentrate our efforts and build on each other's success.

@cadwellsocialcoop @Steve @GuerillaOntologist

Seems like an online chat would make sense, maybe at the next GEO meeting?

@cadwellsocialcoop @Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist I'm comfortable with incorporating. I started one worker co-op and now have a job developing more. In fact, I see that as the easy part. But, between GEO and my co-op (which is "for-profit, but not about-profit"), maybe we don't need to incorporate another organization. We already have a long-standing semiformal relationship to build on, and I have an ongoing series of translations I've done under the name of The Common Understanding Project.

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