New reading that I hope to use in group learning. We can translate as we go.

@Steve Chile, 2018 Ediciones Univérsitas Nueva Civilización

Razeto seems to have an online course, on this as well, but I cant get it to load:

@Steve Just got the book -- it looks great, a hands-on manual designed to be used by groups who want to start a co-op or other solidarity economy organization.


@Matt_Noyes What book? I'm compiling a list of things family can buy me for Christmas (apparently, I"m hard to buy for). So far, I have @ntnsndr's most recent book... and that's about it.

@Steve @ntnsndr


But there's a more recent version on, um, Amazon...

@Matt_Noyes @ntnsndr Looks interesting. I'll check it out.

For my part, I'm planning a trip to Buenos Aires in the spring, and I hope to get to talk to some of the recovered businesses. I'd like to do a write-up of some sort.


You might want to contact @michaelafisher who was there last year and seemed to find some great people/projects. Also, check out

@Matt_Noyes @michaelafisher I'll do that, but in the meantime, I have some contacts there.

@Steve @Matt_Noyes Great! Yes I'm happy to provide contacts or recommendations. There's sooo much to see in Buenos Aires you'll have a great time

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