@Matt_Noyes If a bot ever needed a job, this it it. It can dump the date to a wiki, for example so it's easily grokable by hoomans.

@Matt_Noyes Yop, we definitely need a hollowed-out asteroid DisCO!

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envisioned a future in 2312 in which the hegemonic force in the galactic social-economic system is the "Mondragon Accord." It is my view that by 2320, it will have been supplanted by the spread of the decentralized "DisCo Commitments."

So this is going on today:

"Join us for the first intro webinar of OPEN 2020 with Stacco Troncoso and colleagues from Guerrilla Media Collective to learn about DisCos, Distributed Cooperative Organizations.

The DisCO (read all about it in the DisCO Manifesto) takes a friendly but carefully planned approach to people working together to create value in ways that are cooperative, commons-oriented and rooted in feminist economics."


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I have a meeting at the same time, but I encourage others to check this out:

"Join us for the first intro webinar of OPEN 2020 with @Stacco Troncoso and colleagues from to learn about , Distributed Cooperative Organizations.

"This event will be run on Zoom at 4pm (UK time – BST) on the 23rd of April.
The event is free and open to all but PLEASE REGISTER HERE to participate: zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_yo


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