22 showcases from sociocratic organizations plus some talks in this online conference.

Do you want get peer support in implementing sociocracy? Do you want to become a trainer? www.sociocracyforall.org/academy

@Stoori @irina

Yes, Ted here. Yes, I do remember well! Not sure what your time line is but I am "the platform coop governance" person between Jerry and me so if you'd like to talk before SoLT, I am your guy. If you'd rather take it slow and do SoLT and then see where things are at, then do that :)

@Stoori @irina

All of you, if you'd like get to contact regarding sociocracy, you can just book a (free) video call here sociocracyforall.youcanbook.me

Our brandnew handbook is now on amazon. goo.gl/gUQZJT

If you don't do amazon, I completely get it. You can buy it through us. www.manyvoicesonesong.com

For those who would like to get a thorough reading about sociocracy.
www.sociocracyforall.org/book social.coop/media/3VOPnKqnhpqb


It really is about me not being in the topic enough to read between the lines

@douginamug Thanks for sharing. Wish I had your voice over to understand it better

We did a webinar with the ED of ClassAction on classism and self-governance

webinar recording is on youtube now.
youtu.be/QrKF5bOsFFg social.coop/media/y_XT9FvmA2TU

For those of you who know classism is a thing: we're doing an online event with the ED of Class Action today on classism and governance. Pretty excited about it!


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