I wrote down a few thoughts on the issues I see with governance of cooperatives with many members, e.g. platform coops

Feedback very welcome!

@SociocracyForAll This was an interesting read. Gives food for thought when designing cooperative governance.

@Stoori Thanks. Can you tell me more? Any input would be appreciated really.

@SociocracyForAll Nothing concrete, sorry! I'm in an early idea phase of a platformcoop, so this just helps to get the first form for ideas at the moment.

@SociocracyForAll "It is about the mismatch between stewards that enable the platform to run and make policy around that vs. members that contribute but are not involved in making policy."

I believe we have a ton of work to do about this specific pain point in

@Antanicus Yes. Sadly. I wish I had the magic bullet. My contribution was to put a name on it and to describe the problem.

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