I am looking for people who are interested and have some expertise in both and .

We've recently started a little group, and I'd like to reach out to broaden my view.

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I'd like to learn more for sure. I'm always a bit skeptical when people are like "THIS structure will FIX your PROBLEMS!" especially after trying a couple different governance structures in college student groups... you can spend SO much time talking about group structure and not really get anywhere.


@aaron @aral @tbeckett @samtoland @ntnsndr @mattcropp @douginamug

True. That puts us as mission-driven sociocracy promotors in a funny spot. One the one hand, I want to say "its' important that you tweak it and make it your own", but on the other hand, I'd rather just have people use it "out of the box" because most tweaks I have seen brought issues through the backdoot that users were not aware of. So we often say "start with the standard, refine later."

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