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Hi all, @Matt_Noyes here. I am on call this week for Social.Coop. Let me know of any issues.

Everyone please welcome our newest member @romschroeder! I trust you'll help them get acquainted with the instance and make them feel welcome!

Minutes from the CWG Ops Team Meeting today:

Folks on-call this month, feel free to toot @ us if you have any concerns... we also like jokes and high fives :)
3/7 ~ 3/13: @Matt_Noyes
3/14~3/20: @emi
3/21~3/27 : @sam
3/28~ 4/3: @michaelafisher

Hello community!

We know there's a lot of difficult stuff happening in the world right now, which can lead to some heated conversations. We on the moderation team are here to help if something that happens on the instance doesn't feel right! It's our intention to strive for a 'safer space' on

We also rely on our community to abide by our Code of Conduct. If you haven't looked at it in awhile, we encourage you to check it out again!

Minutes from the CWG Ops team meeting:

We silenced the "noagendasocial" instance for hosting multiple users that were in violation of our CoC.

For reference, the list of blocked instances is located here:

Co-op Data Club is a new .

The idea is simple: any coop that wants to promote other coops and/or wants to be promoted by other coops can join. Its free and doesn't require promoting anything.

Individuals can also join by signing up to the clubs newsletter.

We are focused on email: many coops have a newsletter, and it would cost nothing for them to add promotions of other coops in the newsletters.

You can also read more here:

Hi, I'm Stuart, and I'm thrilled to join!

After spending the first part of my life pursing a traditional career and family life, I was gently, then rudely, awakened by two encounters with ..

Now, I'm trying to use my energy to model a kinder, healthier, more inclusive world for my family, friends, and community.

I enjoy and engaging with ideas of all kinds. I'm also interested in the of and

Show and Tell will be on Thursday at 3PM ET.
This week we will be giving a demo of Drutopia, a distribution that Agaric has helped to configure to allow organizations to benefit from the power and flexibility of Drupal. is built with Drutopia. If this interests you, this talk will be a great opportunity to see what Drutopia looks like to a content editor and to resolve any unanswered questions.

Visit for info on how to join.

Hello social coop friends! The Ops Team is hoping to plan a community cafe session about using mastodon for social movements. Does anyone have experience with this topic that they'd like to share? It is a very informal setting, like grabbing a coffee with friends more than a presentation :) governance 

Hey members. A vote is live on Loomio to renew the charter of the Community Working Group Operations Team for the coming year!

Please cast your vote, and consider if you might be interested in throwing your hat in the ring for membership on the team that moderates our instances in the upcoming election!

We have a few office hours coming up over the next two weeks- hope to see many more faces :)

3/24 @ 22:00 UTC: CO-OPOLY game session

3/31 @ 16:00 UTC: Intro to XMPP (non-tech)

Check the announcements for links to the rooms!

Social.Coop "office hours" (we need a better name) are a space for members of to host discussion about anything of interest to them. If you are interested in sharing something you are doing, thinking, enjoying, dreaming, playing... check out this thread:

Social.Coop members -- tired of using surveillance capitalist platforms for video conferencing? Sign up for your account on our new BigBlueButton instance. Open source and cooperative.

A reminder that today March 3rd at 9pm ET/March 4th at 02:00 UTC we will be hosting a discussion of "Cecosesola: Towards a Collective Mind"

You can find the document here:

or a pdf version here:

Join us in our meeting room:

This Thursday at 10am EST/15:00 GMT, we'll be kicking off a weekly(-ish) series of "Member Office Hours" with @mattcropp hosting a conversation on real estate co-ops in this room:

The idea for this series is to create space for members to host conversations on topics of interest to them and the community, so if you have an idea you'd like to host a chat about, please pick a week and add it to the scheduing spreadsheet linked in the announcements!

Want to know more about what is going on with

Did you know that the Community Working Group Ops team and the Tech Working Group Ops team post their regular meeting minutes on loomio?

Check them out here:
CWG Ops team:

Tech team:

Minutes from the monthly CWG (Community Working Group) Ops call:

You can scroll back from minutes from previous meetings as well :) meta, time poll 

Hey folks, heads up that there's a time poll active for the next few days to nail down a date for a follow-up call to explore a few of the themes that emerged from the recent strategy sessions. If you'd like to have your availability inform the scheduling process, please respond in the next few days!

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