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The Community Working Group Ops Team had a great meeting to update some documentation today, including Loomio group descriptions for the CWG and main page!

P.S. This is @mattcropp, who is on-call this week. :)

It would be cool if we all made a semi-commitment to post and interact here :TwinPines: all at the same time in synchronicity each week for one hour like every Saturday at 3 pm. Doing things together is easier than doing them alone. 😀

Back to @emi for admin duties for the week.

Exciting to see all of the interesting questions and discussions happening on loomio around Integrative Consent in decision making.

If you haven't already checked it out, please do! (we'd love to hear from you, but also.. no pressure 😀)

Call for Candidates: Coordination Working Group 

Now that the proposal for the formation of the Coordination Working Group has passed, we'll looking for folks to step up. The group will start with 7 seats, meet monthly or bi-monthly as feels appropriate, and members will receive a $5 solidarity payment for each meeting attended.

To learn more and throw your hat in the ring, check out this poll: policy amendment, #nobot 

Following yesterday's community working group ops team meeting, a proposal is live in the community working group to add bots following our users who have in their profiles as grounds for blocking an off-instance user.

Vote on adding this to our Federation Abuse Policy will be live for 6 days in this thread:

Just finishing up another fun and productive .coop CWGOT (Community Working Group Operations Team) monthly meeting!

Minutes from the meeting can be found here: meta, vote 

A proposal has been made to form a "Coordination Working Group" for . If you're a member, please review the proposal and cast your vote here:

It's back to @emi taking over mod duties from @Matt_Noyes for the week!

Hope are feeling engaged and happy with the instance.

It's been a bit of a slow start for me personally this year, but am very grateful to be connected with all these pockets of inspiration around the world through this instance.

Looking forward to many more opportunities for collaboration and co-creation this year!

Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of the decade!

It's @emi taking the reigns for moderation from @Matt_Noyes as we transition from 2019 to 2020!

Looking forward to how this project continues to evolve.

Next edition of Happy Hour!

Informal debrief zoom chat on the recent Platform Cooperativism conference at the New School in NYC, with @LeoSammallahti @mattcropp @michaelafisher and other Social.Cooperators who participated. All are welcome to join.

December 7th @ 4pm EST!

Zoom link to be posted before the 7th! Hope to 'see' many of you on this call!

So happy to be here! Here's my : I'm a lifelong social justice activist and Fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs from the UK, currently involved in several initiatives that are transitioning into co-ops. I'm becoming very enthusiastic about co-ops and worker-ownership models as a way of democratising the economy and keen to meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, and help contribute to the movement! I'm also a big fan of decentralised social networks!

@emi is taking over the reigns as moderator for the week!

Please feel free to poke us on the admin account or toot @emi directly about... well... anything!

Thanks to @mattcropp for being on-call this week - passing the baton to @Matt_Noyes for the coming week!

Also, FYI to members that the proposal to appoint @wu_lee and @nicksellen as co-tech leads for a 6 month term passed the Tech WG, and the budget allocation is now subject to a ratification vote by the full membership. The vote will be open for 6 days on Loomio.

Tech WG Update and Vote 

With an eye towards getting the Tech Working group on firmer footing (including more regular updates), there is a proposal in the Tech WG to appoint @nicksellen and @wu_lee, who've been carrying much of the volunteer work, as "Co-Tech Leads" for a 6 month period, at which point a status review will be done.

If you're in the Tech WG, feel free to weigh in. If the proposal passes, as it has budget impacts, it will go to a vote of the full membership for ratification.

Anyways, this is why I'm thinking a consumer cooperative might make more logistic sense. A group of users organizing to hire who they need. Maybe (and definitely eventually!) a hybrid cooperative with developer and user needs administratively balanced. Wonder if there's anyone on @SocialCoop who could help set that up. @redoak @mattcropp any ideas?

Last chance to participate in our latest (3rd) poll for our "what is" survey:

"I would be a bigger fan if...." (in 500 characters or less)

Juicy stuff!

Soooo many great responses to our recent status check!

"I would be a bigger fan if..." (in 500 characters or less)

If you haven't responded you still have another 6 days!

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