Is there something like Meet dot Coop, but with #Jitsi? I want to keep paying a #cooperative for a video conferencing service but I'm getting tired of #BigBlueButton, it's just too buggy 😪 and today Jitsi saved me when BBB failed

cc @SocialCoop

Hey all. I'm Evan, and I am excited for the opportunity to use this platform to discuss , the , the and .

I picked @SocialCoop :TwinPines: as my instance after observing their community & CoC. I have been impressed with their goals, rules, and terms and find them in perfect alignment with mine.

That's my , I'm excited to meet you, and so happy to finally be a part of this peaceful coexistence!

@dalstonsolidaritycafe The world only works when we all strive to act in good faith and understand each other. I'm not the original author (on-call rotation has rotated), but my take is that it's a general reminder to everyone on the server to be kind and participate if possible, and to act respectfully in our disagreements (but, of course, if there is a serious problem, your CWG team is happy to step in and help)! ^@sam

@mike_hales Definitely urge Social.Coop members to check this out. The Meet.Coop Commons Hours are a unique space for thinking about how to collaborate and build commons. As members of Meet.Coop it is a great way for us to participate in the cooperative.

.coop will hold our eighth session in the .hour series on the fourth Monday in May:
Sophie Bloemen (Commons Network, European Municipalist Network, ROSA - Right to the City Amsterdam)

Public-civic collaboration, coop incubators and stewarding digital infrastructure as a commons

Sign up and details here:

Offensive toots?

We encourage you to:

Help maintain a culture of inclusivity and open participation

Show care, consideration, and respect for others.

Keep in mind the potential for misunderstandings, avoiding initial assumptions of bad faith.

Keep criticism constructive.

Attempt to de-escalate conflicts as they arise (see Conflict Resolution Guidelines )

Recognize and respect the legitimacy of resistance to abuse and oppression.

Participate in an authentic way.

Minutes from the last CWG Ops team meeting!

We'll try to get better at posting ahead of time so that more folks can join in if they are curious :)

So you just arrived here from twitter and it's quiet. Real quiet. That's because there's no algorithm here designed to drive engagement(which equals profit).

Here, you are the algorithm. It's up to you to find and follow people that are interesting to you. You can also see who they follow and who else follows them, as you build it up, it gets more interesting.

Also, if you find people you don't like or entire instances you don't like, you can mute or block them. You are in control.

Welcome new folks to Social.Coop! Please post a self-introduction to let people know you are here and what interests you.
You get a free account on Meet.Coop, so don't forget to register for that.
Register on Loomio to participate in running the co-op.
Also, please check out our code of conduct

Thanks to all that came out to the strategy session yesterday!

Wonderful energy, lots of opportunities and just a great excuse to start a Saturday morning with cooperative minded folk!

Notes from the session can be found here:

Feel free to ask questions about anything you'd be more curious to hear about!

@SocialCoop The Majority is right! Bonus info: 37 SC members have Meet.Coop accounts and there are 408 contributors to SC on Open Collective.

@brainwane Social.Coop has a multi-user account with Meet.Coop, so members of Social.Coop can use BigBlueButton for no additional cost. The idea of offering additional tools through SC has been discussed; many SC users also use hosts/services like,, or Framasoft.

QUIZ: What are the numbers of a) registered users on and b) users active this week?

Thanks to @neil for kicking off this thread on the Loomio group: Should update our domain block list and/or follow the fediblock tag?

@atomicpoet People pay on a sliding scale from $1USD and up. This gives them an account on the Mastodon instance, access to Loomio where we vote and working groups coordinate, and a account for video chat.

@jonny @datatitian @humanetech

From what I'm understanding, all members that would like to follow pertinent info about the instance should follow the account


Minutes from the CWG Ops Team Meeting today:

CWG Ops team on-call schedule for April:
4/4 ~ 4/10: @Matt_Noyes
4/11 ~ 4/17: @emi
4/18~ 4/24: @sam
4/25~ 5/1: @michaelafisher

Also feel free to toot @SocialCoop to get in touch with the CWG Ops Team (although sometimes we're faster at responding when you toot @ us directly using our personal accounts)

Social.Coop PSA 

What to do when you are offended by something someone posts?

Code of Conduct values:
"Show care, consideration, and respect for others;
Keep in mind the potential for misunderstandings, avoiding initial assumptions of bad faith;
Keep criticism constructive;
Attempt to de-escalate conflicts as they arise (see Conflict Resolution Guidelines*);
Recognize and respect the legitimacy of resistance to abuse and oppression..."


Social.Coop PSA 

A reminder of our values:

"As a cooperative, is based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity. Our members believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility, and caring for others..."

Hi all, @Matt_Noyes here. I am on call this week for Social.Coop. Let me know of any issues.

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