Offensive toots?

We encourage you to:

Help maintain a culture of inclusivity and open participation

Show care, consideration, and respect for others.

Keep in mind the potential for misunderstandings, avoiding initial assumptions of bad faith.

Keep criticism constructive.

Attempt to de-escalate conflicts as they arise (see Conflict Resolution Guidelines )

Recognize and respect the legitimacy of resistance to abuse and oppression.

Participate in an authentic way.

@dalstonsolidaritycafe The world only works when we all strive to act in good faith and understand each other. I'm not the original author (on-call rotation has rotated), but my take is that it's a general reminder to everyone on the server to be kind and participate if possible, and to act respectfully in our disagreements (but, of course, if there is a serious problem, your CWG team is happy to step in and help)! ^@sam

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