Hello social coop friends! The Ops Team is hoping to plan a community cafe session about using mastodon for social movements. Does anyone have experience with this topic that they'd like to share? It is a very informal setting, like grabbing a coffee with friends more than a presentation :)

@SocialCoop I plan to attend and talk about my experiment with @organizingInFedi

Anybody else? Might be good to compare notes a bit before the session.

Besides @organizingInFedi I might want talk about this thread about cooperatives and or vs open source software:

@SocialCoop Do you mean going to a physical location? Or is there a link? Thx.

These are always held on, the co-op Big Blue Button instance which co-own (we are a member of that co-op) guess a link will be shared once something is scheduled @SocialCoop

@SocialCoop very much interested lo listen to experienced users since it is what i'm planning to do myself 😊

@SocialCoop yes. Don't use social media for political movements, it's not gonna be safe for everyone in the long-term. If by social movements you mean something else, though, then sure, fedi is the perfect place for it. Just know that nothing is really private/secure, here. Not even DMs. Don't let the fact that it's decentralized and not owned by big corps let you think otherwise, plz. Just my 2 cents.

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