We have a check poll going about Loomio Membership:

We will start removing members at the end of the check poll, so please let us know if you have any qualms about this process

@SocialCoop i do not know what i am supposed to answer for the poll! i am inactive (obvs) and okay with being removed from loomio


We miss you Nev!

If you are ok with being removed from the loomio group, you don't have to respond to the poll- or you can 'agree'. Currently because your 'title' does not have your handle, you are on the 'getting removed' list. However, despite being inactive, you are also welcome to stay in the group if you'd like to stay involved peripherally.

@SocialCoop I want to know if I'm on the list of "inactive members" who will be culled at the end of this poll. Depending on the answer I may have a lot to say about it - and I intend to make it public.

@ND3JR @SocialCoop

You are not on 'the list' :) You were one of the early members to change your title, you probably just don't remember doing it.

To be clear, we are not TRYING to get rid of members that want to be on The threshold for not being removed from the loomio group is very low: just saying "i would like to stay involved" is all that is required. We just don't know any other way of making sure of removing members that are no longer interested in this project.

@emi @SocialCoop Thanks for letting me know. I think it's less "I changed my title" and more "I had it in there all along" as I wanted my Loomio account and my Fediverse account to be clearly linked.

My main concern with this method is that there was a period of a few months when I couldn't log in to Loomio because they determined they wouldn't support the browser I was using (Seamonkey, which is the continuation of the Mozilla suite & uses the same codebase as Firefox) & I couldn't... (1/n)

@emi @SocialCoop ...upgrade to a newer version or install Firefox, so I was effectively locked out of Loomio. Had my title not already been in my username this would have effectively put me on "the list" even though I'm fairly active on this account and I donate the maximum amount each month (in the form of an annual donation to minimize fees). My main point is that using Loomio activity as a proxy for interest in Social.Coop is a flawed process & needs to be reviewed (2/2).

@ND3JR @SocialCoop

Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s good feedback.

I think there might be a misunderstanding about the “list”. It’s not to remove people from It’s to remove them from the Loomio group.

The removal of members from Loomio is also not permanent, we will reinstate anyone that would like to be.

I’d be open to hearing your thoughts about how you would approach this problem

@emi @SocialCoop Thanks for clearing up what the "list" is actually about. I was under the impression that it was about removing people from itself, not just from Loomio. Your method makes more sense now!

As for how I'd handle the situation, after thinking about it the only thing I'd do differently would be to broaden the topics that people are considered to be active in, perhaps going over the past six months instead of using one topic.

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