@emi back to taking on moderating duties for

@GuerillaOntologist and @Jon_Envisioneer launched a virtual co-working time a couple of weeks ago. Anyone interested in doing something similar now that many more people around the world are working remotely?

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I would also be interested. It would be ok to do it on but also think about the free open source Jitsi and the discord space I set up is also ok.
I know a lot of people prefer to support open source. What does everyone prefer at this point? I also experimented with mumble but there I think it might be a harder UX. Discord also might be a challenge for some people. Jitsi and zoom are easy to start. 🙂

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Is jitsi more stable these days? I have always found it to be quite glitchy. I've never tried dischord and am willing to give it a shot!

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That's been my experience as well, but I'd be willing to give it a shot to see if it's gotten better, as a lot of people seem pretty opposed to Zoom. Maybe the Collective Tools version of works better? idk. We can use the GEO Zoom as a backup.

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I have been having trouble installing the jitsi app on my laptop, but ok on my smartphone, so I vote for Jitsi.
Zoom is proprietary and not free, what else do we know about its data policies?

I recently used collective/tools jitsi and it seemed more stable than jitsi once seemed to be. But the connection status still varied from Poor thro Moderate to Good. Mt partner in the chat had glitching prblems - but perhaps was their local bandwidth. I'd say was worth a go.
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Well, my usual work time is right now. The last time we tried it, only Jon and I (and Matt N, for a moment) made it. Not sure what the best solution is for our very different time zones...

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I am up for it now, but working on my Jitsi install problem, seems that newer Jitsi apps are incompatible with recent Java...?

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I just did. It's at:

I can't figure out how to give it permission to access my mic and camera tho...suggestions welcome.

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Sorry I missed you. I was out for a walk b4 it gets too dark. Next time.

Hope jitsi performed ok for you. I did have some problems controlling the mic, on the Mac, one time I used it, but not since.

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oh awesome! k, i joined but obviously too late. maybe we can just keep the room open for whenever anyone is working and people can pop in if they want to? maybe that would be distracting and defeat the purpose of the remote working though...

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @mike_hales @Jon_Envisioneer @SocialCoop

it was working when i checked it out a couple of hours ago!

i just left because i needed to start a conference call and have been running around today

@emi @Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @mike_hales @Jon_Envisioneer @SocialCoop My understanding is that rooms are not persistent, they are simply created whenever the first person joins, and destroyed when the last person leaves. If you join an empty room, what you are actually doing is creating an entirely new room with the old name. Links will thus always work, but no history, password protection or the like will carry over between sessions.

Rooms are not persistent, as @mchlmc notes. But invoking the same room name will recreate the 'same' room. So in that sense it's always there as a place to meet (without trace!). @GuerillaOntologist @Matt_Noyes @Jon_Envisioneer @SocialCoop

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Maybe it makes more sense to have a calendar that shows when people will be in the room, because during coworking there are usually only a few times during the day where you interact with others. For example, One coworking space I went to had a sort of protocol for gathering around lunch time and then for "Tea Time". So basically we can have a protocol for taking 10 - 20 minute breaks every other hour. and put them on a calendar.

I'm with the calendar principle. But poor at attending to collective calendars. Maybe if there were just those two slots on it . . ? And maybe one of those will coincide, for ppl in different time zones.
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What about making a Social.Coop Virtual Coworking subgroup on Loomio, with a standing Jitsi link and a standard schedule of coffee breaks?

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@SocialCoop @emi @GuerillaOntologist @Jon_Envisioneer Hi everyone I am new here and trying to find my way around. So if I read it correctly, is there a virtual coop I can join???

Welcome @yasu!! Happy to have you join us as a member of :) Easy peasy eh?

A great way to get started is to introduce yourself (and your cool projects) with the hashtag

You can search for hashtags of topics that you find interesting or scroll through the local timeline for content.

Great that you've also joined us on loomio! You can join one of the working groups there to participate in the different aspects of maintaining this instance.

@emi Thank you Emi, I have just sent it! 😄

@yasu I have created a space for virtual co-working at

But we may just use zoom since it is easier for people. It has been some weeks since I have done anything with this, but would be interested in continuing some time.

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