In an effort to better understand our community and strengthen ties, volunteers on the community working group are currently running a member survey. They are using a "snowballing"-type networking approach in which members reach out to other members. Please help by doing the survey and helping spread the word.

If you have strong objections to the survey, feel free to share them.

I hope we will all take the "good enough to try" approach.


This is a great step! I hope everyone who wants to see grow and or evolve will participate.

@SocialCoop I want to take the survey, but it's not working for me, even after I allow scripts in NoScript for and allow the to store offline data. I'm using SeaMonkey as my web browser, that may hav esomething to do with it.


Hmmm. That's good feedback.

How would you feel about doing the survey in chat form? We could arrange for direct messages where you respond to each question one by one and we will input your responses for you?

@SocialCoop I'm find with that, so long as I can use multiple toots if necessary.

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