“We are using distributed ledger technology to help the cooperatives better market and differentiate their products on the back of their sustainability certifications, creating products with provable certification claims and traceability back to their origin,” says Erik Zvaigzne of Convergence.tech as we talk together with Marina Petrović and Robert Pašičko, both of UNDP Alternative Finance Lab, about their project collaboration in the DLT4EU accelerator programme:


“Our vision is a wholesome health system, a medicine in which employees work in healthy working conditions through meaningfulness, holism and personal responsibility. This is essential for being able to put patients in the centre of attention in a genuine way,” says Helene von Bremen in our interview:


"It has really been of great value to understand how distributed ledger technologies can help charities, NGOs and public bodies benefit from its authentication and validation systems,” says Anna Higueras from Ideas for Change as we speak about the DLT4EU accelerator programme together with Javier Creus:


At "proofing future, bridging people + ideas" we just published an interview with @lynnfoster about her collaborative work "Enabling Citizen-Power into the Circular Textiles Sector":


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