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Some things that I have noticed since I quit #Facebook:

- My family still loves me and still talks to me
- Old friends from high-school still talk to me
- Old friends from college still talk to me
- I still meet new people
- I still make new friends
- I still shop at local businesses
- I'm still aware of events in my community

Huh, it's almost like I never needed Facebook in the first place.

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Exam in two days and now I have a cold..! πŸ™„

I'm literally sitting this exam in 8 days. Most people advice 4 weeks with 3 hours a day. I've got days, but cramming in at least 5 hours or more each day.

Day one of revising quantitative reasoning: I seem to be improving as the day progresses.. let's hope I can keep this up

So I've booked another exam, because clearly I hate myself. Roll on

Well I survived. That's pretty much all I can say about sitting the yesterday..
Felt like I would've been just as prepared if I had slept under a rock for the last 4 months.

That's it. No more revision now. Sick of revising and it's pretty much not going to help for tomorrows exam at this point.
Probably going to spend the evening meditating and watching TED.

Decided to give into temptation. Currently installing WoW, so I can play after this exam is out the way.. πŸ˜…

Watching YouTube at speed X2 to cram's pretty hilarious πŸ˜‚

I've been silent as I have a massive exam coming up..and now it's two days away. This is so very surreal.

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There's a lot of customer culture attitude in Mastodon-the-community, where people treat Gargron and other devs, the instance admins, moderators, etc. like service workers. It's a spoiled, entitled attitude, where "the customer is always right" and it's okay to be abusive or demeaning to people providing a service when they don't give you what you want.

The fediverse isn't a corporate model. When you're rude or demeaning to someone here, you're being abusive to volunteers building a playground

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Saying this because I'm am actually doing that right now. Mixed feelings of terrified and excited.. it's been a long time coming..but better late than never I suppose.

Facing fear is easier said than done. But it's necessary for growth and development.

Originally I thought the barista plant milks were a con. But now I'm totally addicted to the frothy texture of oatly barista after trying 😍

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i like mastodon because it's more about the social aspect and has far less to do with keeping up on big personalities and i hope it stays that way.

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