It's been awhile since I posted pics, so here's Freyja on the living room rug, looking cute.

I saw this inside Union Station in Washington, D.C. a few hours before I boarded my train.

A bit late for perhaps, but Freyja decided to jump in the bathtub to clean herself after I got done taking a bath.

All right, Fediverse cat lovers, I want to settle this once and for all.

Up to this point I've been calling a tortiseshell tabby, or tortie, because while she has some white fur it's not the majority of her fur, so I haven't been calling her coat calico.

But I showed pictures of her at work to one of my coworkers and ze said that Freyja was a calico. Ze may be right.

Here's a picture that shows most of Freyja's white fur, along with two I took today just because. Thoughts?

I want to get up but Freyja's laying on my left leg. It's a cool, rainy day here in Champaign so her being there feels nice but keeps me from doing what I want to do.

After months of thinking about it, even before I moved to Illinois when I lived in an apartment with carpet, I finally got some area rugs on Sunday night. The first picture is of the one in the living room, the second in my bedroom.

As a bonus the second picture has in it. She definitely approves of both rugs.

Humanity (-) 

DIY VoIP update 

Due to my previously-undisclosed travels it's been awhile since I've tooted a cat pic on Caturday so here's Freyja chilling on the couch today.

I know she probably shouldn't have them, but one of Freyja's favorite toys is rubber bands. She got into a bag I'd carelessly left open in my computer/radio room.

These are also the first pictures I've taken with my DSLR since I moved here. I thought I'd left it in PA but it turns out I didn't.

Freyja loves this spot, but the reset button is right next to her front left paw.

She did eventually get up and hit the button. This is why putting power & reset buttons on the top is a mistake.

Of course I still love her even if she does reset my computer now and then.

I can't let go by without posting a picture of my cute, sweet, tailless little purrball.

I set up this stepladder to take down my random wire antenna, and Freyja's decided to make the ladder's tray her new napping spot.

The Champaign Public Library is one of the most modern and attractive libraries I've ever seen.

I never imagined that this would be why I can't get through a TSA checkpoint. This is at Willard Airport south of Champaign, Illinois.

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