Since other people have been commenting on it, I'll do it too regarding Firefox: it used to be the browser I enjoyed using back when it was to be a lightweight alternative to the Mozilla suite. Nowadays I pick Firefox for the reason that most Americans pick their presidential candidates: because it's the best out of all the options, all of which (including Firefox) are bad.

@ND3JR I really don't get the FF complaints. I think it is just fine.

@ntnsndr Really? You think that it consuming more RAM with each release, adding in privacy-invading features no one asked for like Pocket and sending telemetry to Mozilla by default, and making it more difficult to opt-out of such things is fine?

I guess you and I have different ideas of what fine is.

@ND3JR Yeah, I mean I turn that stuff off. It works better for me now than it did a few years ago. I don't really notice it these days, which is the point.

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