Live from Seattle, Daybreak Star Radio launched recently. Live stream is here:


Despite the mangled connotation of "secure net" due to the words "securenet" in the URL, the page IS NOT SECURE; it contains tracking scripts from the #Fascistbook, and outward-bound advertising links promoting #Twoetter.

Theoretically, while this effort could add more native voices to the airwaves,we gotta be honest in that the presence of such links indicates that it is being lorded over by Y.A.W.G.; "Yet Another White Guy"[3]. It is a bad clone of a failed recipe:

Y.A.W.G. requires Facebook and Twitter users to validate him (the savvy ones use their white privilege money to buy promotions).

Echo chambers of FB users modded into hell are not reflective of the native population. Install EFF badger for more help with tech like this:

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#Music #indigenous


@indie Or just put the URL for the actual audio stream into any player that supports AAC, like VLC:

It's just a standard AAC audio stream. The website is pure fluff. This also lets you bypass the web page ads completely! I found this by viewing the page's source, knowing where to look, then testing it in both VLC and curl.

@ND3JR Much appreciated.

Since the tech world stopped paying me, my mind does not like spending too much time on acronyms and whatever new formats the networks are renaming as whatever else.

VLC though? :〰️ ➕ 〰️

@indie And that's one reason why I do what I do in terms of tech: so people like you don't have to.

And as you might have guessed, DSR isn't the first audio stream I've done this with. So when I saw your toot about it and what you wanted to avoid I knew what to do.


Security assessment lens was more along the line of... if we show folks this link, what is the likelihood they will view or click it on a mobile device?

Because if they decide to check it out, as I am sure you know, ALL it takes is that one touch of the screen, and their data is instantly wrapped in giftwrap for the enemy.

Overinvested in all the natives likely to jump ship from its increasingly-documented as evil, exploitative colonial empire would be my guess why FB is insidiously destroying yet another native stream. It has been working some hardcore gaslighting on folks lately.

So that why the warning posted w/the site link.

Probably, the humane tech world needs both people like us: what is the exploit and how to get around it.

Most natives can only afford free for this kind of stuff, which is why I _have to do what I do, too_, even when nobody pays me. Does not mean my work is valueless. Ppl who REALLY have no clue about how tech things work should not have to be subject to the rape and robbery.


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