I don't get why I can't do @agora and have it work for @agora if that's the only [[agora]] I follow.

That seems like it could be a feature.


@flancian I've been meaning to ask you this ever since I started following you: what are the double brackets around key words supposed to do? I read about the Agora and it sounds like it's supposed to be some sort of meta-wiki, but from a practical standpoint I fail to see how it works, or how using the double brackets is supposed to do something. And personally I find them to be a distraction.

@ND3JR thank you kindly for your feedback and your question!

They are an unfinished experiment :) My hypothesis is that, although distracting at first, they have potential. But I might very well be wrong. It goes like this:

@ND3JR using wikilinks means declaring publicly that you are referring to an [[entity]] that is meaningful to you. By virtue of doing so, you are expressing the intent to attach (link) the resource you're writing in to the entity in question in some knowledge base you control or contribute to. I call this knowledge base the Agora.

@ND3JR this is meant to work in every platform; the Agora will try to find your wikilinked resources no matter where and add them to the graph for you to use later as you please.

@ND3JR the bots or "system accounts" are few and very new and don't do much for now :) but the intention is to run them in every platform that allows bots and have them offer useful cross platform functionality.

Once we have this, you'll be able to essentially rely on the [[agora]] as an interlay joining (best effort) many platforms and sites.

I hope that many people will run Agoras of their own some day, and they will federate. But for now we only have one: anagora.org.

@agora [[agora bot]]

@ND3JR @agora note you can also install [[agora ext]] (alpha) to automatically linkify wikilinks everywhere and thus make them more useful. It will in the future have the option to hide wikilinks if you prefer that.

@flancian Ah, it sounds like you're using the wikilinks as placeholders and once your Agora is completely up and running they'll be actual links to information in at least one Agora.

I'm not sure how useful it would be to me, but I'm interested in seeing where this goes. And I'm sure I'll get used to the double brackets; I used to think that hyperlinks were distracting when I first started using the Internet back in the mid '90s, but I got used to them.

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