I finally solved a mystery that I hadn't been able to figure out for years: why Tor Browser doesn't get the "Attention Required!" CAPTCHA page and vanilla Firefox does.

Turns out it's browser fingerprinting that determines whether you get that page. I just installed the Privacy Settings browser on Firefox. One of its settings is "websites.resistFingerprinting" which is set to True in Tor Browser and False in vanilla Firefox. Setting it to True avoids the CAPTCHA page on Cloudflare websites.

@estebanm @ND3JR

It actually doesn't work anyway. You just keep getting the tor captchas. Also this wipes out things I use, like the zoom adjustment for a particular website.


@tagomago @estebanm Depends on what the sites are using. For me I stopped getting the Tor CAPTCHAs from sites using Cloudflare. The ones you're accessing may be using some other service that doesn't depend on browser fingerprinting.

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