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Early indications are that we're being targeted for some TLD (Top Level Domain, or Top-Level Drama, depending on who you ask) attacks on the site.

I'm sorry my logic was too great for Intel's acquisition of Habana AI team, that doubling what I pay to Linode hasn't solved the problem, either...

But I'm not sorry that the greed of the white man and the greed of his Realtor/Landlord associates is not my problem. Those are the beasts that need starved. The tech bros who partnered with them are not my crew.

All failed failing sectors are due to nginx and not the open-source Apache (as I'd warned) ... never underestimate the hate of angry white dudes who los((ing)t) Everything.

Network infrastructure planning is about backups; and for our instance, there are plenty. You cannot buy them with colonist cash.

If anybody wants to help defending this server, we'll do what we can to reciprocate.

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When `/` hits mid-90's the server goes offline. I've disabled all non-essential logs, hardened jails and UFW and figured out how to stop the stupid bot spam accounts from sending fake signup requests. Nothing is working.

NOTE that my original solution to this problem (since nobody at Linode would help me with the real problem) was to buy a bigger linode... doubling our cost. Obviously that is not a good solution since it did not solve the problem.

Edit with more info from same stats 2.5 hours later:

System information as of Fri Jul 31 05:03:10 HST 2020

System load: 0.44 Processes: 222
Usage of /: 84.9% of 38.35GB Users logged in: 1
Memory usage: 38%

System information as of Fri Jul 31 06:17:38 HST 2020

System load: 0.18 Processes: 223
Usage of /: 85.9% of 38.35GB Users logged in: 1
Memory usage: 39%

System information as of Fri Jul 31 07:40:39 HST 2020

System load: 0.13 Processes: 210
Usage of /: 87.0% of 38.35GB Users logged in: 1
Memory usage: 40%

What kind of scam is the demander of payments running?


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@indie My go-to command for figuring out what's eating up disk space:

du -m -x / | sort -nr | head -n 20

That will list the top 20 directories with files that are taking up the most space. From there I go to the directory that's farthest from root while showing an excessive amount of space being taken and do an ls -lh to see what file(s) are taking up the space.

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