A skein dyed with Japanese knotweed roots!
It's up on my ko-fi shop (ko-fi.com/guerillainvasiveremo) with my other invasive dyes
I'm also always down to gift it or trade it!


Bookmarked: Stolen Memories | Journal of Radical Librarianship journal.radicallibrarianship.o This paper describes and itemizes the actual Israeli destruction, looting and censorship of Palestinian libraries, archives, and cultural institutions both within 1948 and 1967 Palestine, as well those established by the Palestinian refugee diaspora. The paper also portrays how Israel classifies and restricts or denies access to archival materials to secure c

Thanks @Matt_Noyes and @redoak !
I'm leaning already that replies just kinda show up in the timeline! Very different from the birdsite lol

Oh! Also, sorry it took me so long to join. Gmail sent the invite to spam! I know, my fault for using Google...

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Hi social.coop! It's lovely to be here. This is my first actual foray into a the world of co-ops, although I do have some plans in the works. I'm hoping to get some experience with the day-to-day workings of a co-op, and meet some really cool folx! I'm also pretty new to Mastodon, let me know if I'm doing it wrong or something. Is it ok to have accounts on multiple instances?


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