AMAZING photos and graphics, but it's long so it will take me a while to watch it all...

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@mattcropp "Members for a Democratic Credit Union" Seems like an important fight.

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Ugh, my favorite in has just proposed a bylaws amendment that would give the board the power to modify both the bylaws and the charter without ratification via member referendum. Which would remove a major firewall.

Hopefully the campaign to reject the proposal can be more of a call-in than an antagonistic messy governance fight. But, regardless, I'd really rather not need to spend energy on this... 😞

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Doing dishes and listening to my old teacher talk about complicity and failure as a robust practice:

"You build the future, not with the quick vanguardist techniques of pre-party formation. You build the future within the double bind of one by one yet collective."

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I just stumbled across this software to power food co-ops, I don't have any use for it myself now

It seems to be concentrated around Germany/Austria, maybe should get some wider use, seems to be in active development over a sustained period of time.

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