How about this: inequality (which is the core of autocracy but also underlies many democratic forms) is an artifact, something that is imposed, contrived, created, requiring terrific effort and labor on the part of the oppressors and the oppressed, on our relations. It is inequality that we are never ready for, hence the terrific effort required to (re)produce it.

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What true membership engagement looks like is consulting with each member and determining what their purpose is (and how that fits into the co-operative vision) and what member satisfaction looks like and going from there.

A member of created a really useful survey to find out what members are hoping to get out of the CSF and how we think the funds should be used. Also useful for checking in on how much members understand (or don't) about the world of investment...

@emi Wow. You are going to all the right sessions, it seems! Maybe we can ask you for a Happy Hour debrief???

Great piece by the recently deceased , (thanks to ):

"I find Douglass’s electoral efforts uninteresting, just as I find uninteresting today’s debates over whether socialists should take part in elections... He was flailing, and knew it.

"But a strong case can be made for Douglass when we shift our ground from his electoral to his non-electoral activities: what did he do when not electioneering?"


"Thunberg, like she has with much the criticism that has come her way, took Trump's latest criticism in stride. She changed her Twitter bio to read: "A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend.""

Cute video with English subtitles that hints at the impressive growth of social and in .


@ntnsndr @mattcropp

Great exchange of perspectives. The "we had to sell because we needed more capital to expand in order to compete" argument reminds me of the justification made when Fagor Electrodomésticos went bankrupt, having borrowed excessively to buy Brandt and Mastercook. The logic of capital is expansion: "accumulate! That is Moses and all the Prophets!" as Marx said. To the degree that the organizing principle of an Employee-owned firm is capital...

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Double rainbow for my first day in Oz.

Will be doing a short chat about social.coop today. Hope I can condense this experience into a short 10 min presentation! social.coop/media/BefNnKG1aUDt

Our own @ntnsndr and @mattcropp are part of a forum on the acquisition of New Belgium Brewing. Look forward to reading this! Glad to know that we still have two employee owned craft breweries in the state... (but for how long?)


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"全員の才能を開花させる、スペインバスク発チームで起業する超実践的な大学とは ~MTA 共同創業者ホセ・マリ・ルザラガ氏来日レポート"


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This story about a rural broadband cooperative in eastern Kentucky has everything -- three people with the same last name but "(no relation)", a cooperative rebuilding community in an area hollowed out by capitalism, and a fiber-hauling mule named Old Bub.

“The big telecom companies aren’t going to do it, because it’s not economical and they have shareholders to answer to. We’re a co-op. We’re owned by our members. We answer to each other.”


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