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Cadwell, this thread relates to your thinking about speculative fiction and coops. Razeto's book turns out to be very interesting and provocative...

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Interesting question! The prospect of an "authoritarian progressive" response to the multi-dimensional crisis we call climate change seems plausible. Trump declaring a national emergency over the border wall is ridiculous, but what if a different president declared a national emergency over climate change? Right wing authoritarianism could merge with a new left, neo-liberal authoritarianism, even as it gave space for alternatives that don't challenge the political system.

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Nice. We should all have guidelines like these... I made something similar for GEO. But this description is much better.

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Here is the technology policy @iwoc adopted. It could be instructive to these conversations happening on how to politicize the tech choices we make.


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I am reading a speculative fiction novel set in 2055 when there is a global "Ecological Constitutional Dictatorship" and politics has been banned. The basic problems related to climate change have been addressed, and there are lots of cooperatives and solidarity economy type formations but there is a repressive surveillance state...

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RT @RiotChat@twitter.com: THIS IS IT!! Riot/Web is OUT OF BETA!!! Brand new design, new login, new settings, new room list, encryption key backup & emoji-powered device verification 🍌🐧🔑🤖🙂🚂🙂 check it out now at riot.im/app and read all the glorious details at medium.com/@RiotChat/the-big-1

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Nice development in Southern Colorado: a new cooperative-ish organization of farmers, millers, bakers, brewers/distillers, consumers all along the local "grain chain." If you all know of any other grain chain coops, let me know.

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Makes sense. I just share your feeling of frustration. ;-)


What if we called for social.coop members to speak to this issue and drafted someone on social.coop to create a short video? @aral has been speaking on this, but there are many others who could add to it -- like you.


It's all the more maddening because the alternatives are available and deserve our support.

Really, this calls for a video...

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do people know of good resources that break down the politics around technology and how tech choices can't be seen as simply a means to an end?

Audience would be radicals who still blindly use Google Suite, Facebook, Slack, Salesforce etc because their primary concern is "getting the job done."

These resources should also have an intersectional analysis b/c the tunnel vision free software purism response is a show stopper for me.


This is a great quote for dissecting.
Are we thinking of co-ops as individual firms or as elements of a larger system?
Is profitability the end in itself of capitalist production, or is it accumulation of capital?
What is the end of cooperative production?
How is profitability relevant to that end?
What are the members' interests? Are they individual? The combined interests of the members of the given co-op? Are they class interests? The interests of humanity? (Only humans?)

"Those are the stark options before us. And which outcome we end up with depends on the actions taken by social movements in the next two years. Because these are not questions that will be settled through elections alone. At their core, they are about building political power — enough to change the calculus of what is possible."

Naomi Klein


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Internet ou la révolution du partage

"Si le numérique fait de chaque citoyen un client captif, certains défendent le logiciel libre comme éthique philosophique. État des lieux de la liberté informatique aux quatre coins du monde."
56 min
Disponible du 12/02/2019 au 19/04/2019
via @Framasoft @artefr

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@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @LeoSammallahti I continue to contemplate a translation-based publishing house with GEO as it's digital manifestation and a yet-to-be-named printer as its physical manifestation.

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of the day!

Care workers represent an increasing share of the workforce. Mobilizing care workers into worker owned cooperatives like CHCA could be a way to revitalize trade unions.

The daily fact is part of outreach campaign for , a that will enable everyone to invest in coops around the world.

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