In Japan, today is , the holiday that marks the turning point from Winter towards Spring and is known for throwing beans at people dressed as demons (or just throwing them out the window). The neighborhood Shinto priest told us that people throw beans because beans were the baseline food for agricultural people, holding the power of survival when there was no other food. So you chase away poverty, illness, hunger, depression, despair... with beans.

"On behalf of RIPESS, Solidarity for 2020!

"De la part du RIPESS, Solidarité pour ce 2020 !

"De parte de RIPESS, ¡Solidaridad para este 2020!


Here's to Silas Soule!

"A respected Union officer and gentleman, Captain Silas S. Soule proved his convictions by refusing to fire at the Sand Creek Massacre. This man of character, born in Maine to an abolitionist family, moved to Kansas in the late 1850's. The Soule family was ... active in the Underground Railroad. Following the execution of famed abolitionist John Brown in 1859, Silas Soule traveled to Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, in an attempt to rescue two of Brown's followers..."

Dense image from a meeting in the area, detailing all the work that is being done to build social, personal, and labor solidarity.

via co-op developer :

"Many in the co-op community are unaware of just how dire the situation [in the USDA cooperative department] is. As of this writing, a
program that numbered about 75 cooperative specialists in the mid-1990s is now down to three
professionals. For many, the agency lost visibility when USDA abruptly killed Rural Cooperatives magazine about a year ago, ending its 84 years in production without a word of explanation to the public."

A great transgender activist in town, who is working at the Humane Society, posted this photo on FB, after "a belligerently drunk dude whose buddy was wearing a shirt that read “In America we don’t redistribute wealth WE EARN IT”" came in to adopt a pet.

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