A portrait of Paulo Freire by my friend David Johnson.

Going down to to start this. Great timing, just finished Re-assembling the Social this morning. @richdecibels @GeorgeCheney

Good event for a very snowy Sunday evening.

Cleaning up, matchbox collection. Tokyo, 1953-54

Finally got a decent snow. Brought the mule deer back to our yard.

Pikes Peak Foodshed Forum 2019. 170 people turned out.

Great idea, you only get the free drink if you visit five other independent local coffee shops.

New reading that I hope to use in group learning. We can translate as we go.

@ntnsndr @natstein and Thu Tran. Great day of co-op learning in Colorado Springs.

After a morning of garlic planting on the Hobbs farm in Avondale CO, lamb stew and co-op development talk.

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