Not ready to make this a formal proposal but wherever practicable should use cooperative and/or FLOSS tools.

@Matt_Noyes Agree.

Doubly so given that FLOSS came out so highly in our vote on values.

'wherever practicable' is the tricky part to define of course.

@neil Vague, I know, but the reality is we make those judgments all the time -- Jitsi is a great idea, but I often fall back onto Zoom. Our membership onboarding discussion tonight is on Google Hangouts... As Brandeis said, "life is lived on the slippery slope."

@Matt_Noyes Yep. I think given our values we're in a great position to favour FLOSS offerings. It might involve a bit more time/resource/peer-help but I think on the whole collectively we have the mindset willing to do that.

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