Follow and friends chess tournament on lichess? @GuerillaOntologist @derek

@redoak @sam @Zee @GuerillaOntologist @derek who knows how to organize a tournament? I'm thinking no time limits...

@derek @Zee @Matt_Noyes @redoak
Same here, except I couldn't find @sam. What's your handle on lichess, Sam?

@Matt_Noyes @GuerillaOntologist @derek @Zee @redoak I can't seem to log in with my saved credentials either, count me out of this one I guess

@sam @Matt_Noyes @derek @Zee @redoak Lichess tells me the SamWhited account is closed. Maybe you have to make a new one?

@GuerillaOntologist @Matt_Noyes @derek @Zee @redoak Weird; I found a link to re-open it. Apparently "it only works once" and there's a snippy FAQ entry saying "don't email us". No idea why it works this way, seems weird, so hopefully it doesn't get deactivated again somehow!

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