Any interest out there in doing a session on how to organize a cooperative Mastodon instance?

Okay, so it seems there is interest. I'd like to try using to schedule and plan the agenda. If you are interested in helping to organize this, let me know. Thanks!

@Matt_Noyes "Cooperative fediverse instance" would sounds better. For #fediverse diversity. I wonder how this #cooperation could differ depends on project used.

@Matt_Noyes Yes! Not sure if @valkyrie would be into it but maybe something worth looking for instance long-term stability?

@Matt_Noyes wasn't meant to be that in the past?

@GiacomoSansoni @Matt_Noyes as you may have noticed, many fediverse instances are organized around a particular language, geographical area or special interest.

thus it's just normal to expect that not all fediverse users would prefer a single universal fediverse co-op and would be looking to found their own.

@Matt_Noyes Not sure what my capacity is to organize, but I can offer an hour a week to start.

@danwchan I am wrapping up a project this month, so I can't give this much attention until June, but let's stay in touch.

@Matt_Noyes Oh man I forgot about this until now. Do you have capacity to talk more about this now?

@Matt_Noyes can do. I'm in UTC-4 you? Maybe sometime on Thursday?

@danwchan UTC-6, US Mountain time. Thursday at 11:00 am your time works for me.

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