Good peertube instance for cooperatives, commons, solidarity economy types?

@Matt_Noyes If you don't find one, I'm game to do the work of setting one up if a few other cooperators want to pitch in and make it happen.

@sam Maybe MayFirst would be interested? Maybe GEO?? Or maybe Social.Coop ourselves???

@specter @sam

My immediate goal is to share a video for free publicly but not on YT...

@Matt_Noyes @specter I don't see any specifically for co-ops on here, but you could try one of the ones in the "Activism" or "Education" categories on this page maybe?

@Matt_Noyes It does seem like it would be a good fit for; but also a larger expense than running Mastodon. I wonder if you could split it into "view/comment only" accounts and "content creator" accounts if you put in a slightly larger capital investment. Or maybe it would work well enough to make it voluntary in the same way we ask for a tiny bit more if you use but if you can't you can still just pay the minimum.

@Matt_Noyes Storage space, I would think, but honestly I'm not sure. It may be that it's resource heavy in other ways.

@Matt_Noyes Then again, isn't huge and we'd presumably only have some smaller percentage of that uploading content, so maybe it wouldn't matter all that much either way.

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