"As SE organizers, we commit to... addressing the harm created by systemic oppression, including the ways we and our communities are both harmed by and benefit from dominance, privilege, and oppression. We understand this work takes place on a scale from the local and interpersonal level to that of global networks. Our... effort here is to begin collecting guidance on what practices are needed for this crucial work... Your contributions are welcome."


@Matt_Noyes I liked this bit:

"It is distinct from the social economy, which according to Michelle Williams includes nonprofits, co-ops, and social enterprises that, “seek to achieve limited, progressive change within the confines of the current social order by ameliorating the effects of market failure, unemployment and poverty.” "

When I try to talk about that with people locally I get my tongue twisted and probably just confuse them.

Now how we get one of these economies in this city...

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